My 3-month hiatus and Pitch Perfect 2

I have been travelling a lot lately and so I haven’t written anything on my blog for three months now. And I hated myself a bit for that but how can one possibly refuse to fly and go to places? In April, I was in Dipolog, Zamboanga Del Norte for a colleague’s wedding and in Laguna for a work-related event. In May, I was in Tagaytay City for a team-building activity with my officemates; Bagac, Bataan for the company’s summer program; Albay, Bicol for another work plus pleasure; El Nido, Palawan for entire pleasure and Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro for another time for pleasure. In June, aside from the roller coaster ride of being uncertain about our employment, I was in Hongkong! I have never travelled this often in my entire life! Just writing about it gives me that exhilarating experience again. 🙂 I will try my very best to write a blog entry for each of those travels soon but for now, I want to talk about the movie that was shown in the country two months ago: Pitch Perfect 2. And there goes my subconscious singing, “When tomorrow comes, I’ll be on my own, feeling frighten for the things that don’t know…”

The movie reminded me of three things about life. Yes, reminded, not realized or discovered. These are the things I have known since God-knows-when but was always too stubborn to follow.

“Is this all, Becca?”

Becca Mitchell dreams of being a record producer and so when the chance of becoming an intern at Residual Heat, a record label of some of the famous artists came, she never hesitated to grab the opportunity. When she finally got the attention of the boss, she was given a chance to record her own music. Becca stayed up all night to create a masterpiece she could show to the boss. When the boss heard the music, he was not satisfied and could only say, “Is this all, Becca?”

That was kind of a hard blow for Becca who stayed up all night and mustered all her knowledge on creating music. And I was reminded that life is hard, life will hit you in the face. Just as when you are about to stand up from a mistake, it will kick you again. Life is that hard. It’s always easier to give up and to be comfortable.

But I believe that the strongest heartbreak gives us the best fuel to achieve our boldest dreams. Small failures are only little footsteps toward success.

Becca’s burning of the midnight oil

I mentioned already Becca’s staying up all night to produce her own music, right? Now, that is something I rarely do. Sleep is my best friend and staying up all night or even staying up late at night is not my cup of tea. Then Becca reminded me again, in order for me to reach my dreams, I have to hurt a little, I have to give up some things, I have to make sacrifices. If I have to stay an hour longer at night to write or read or do that one thing that will help me achieve my dreams, I would.

Becca reminds me too to find and fuel my passion. That thing that will keep me up all night without feeling exhausted and that one thing that will wake me up in the morning even after I’ve been at it the entire night.


The Barden Bella’s archenemy during the World Championship of A Capella is the German group, Das Sound Machine who has been leaving the audience including them in awe. With pure talent, synchronized movements, great voices and strong stage presence, how can the girls possibly beat the German group?  My wild guess is to thug into the audience’s hearts.

“I got all I need when I got you and I, I look around me and see a sweet life… I’m stuck in the dark but you’re my flashlight, you’re getting me, getting me through the night…”

When the Barden Bellas sang freshman Emily Junk’s original song and when Emily’s mother appeared on the stage along with the old members of the Bellas, the group made the audience realize who are the lights in their own lives. Das Sound Machine may be the greatest group but the Barden Bellas made everyone feel who are the reason behind the people’s greatness and achievements.

It’s easy to remember a person, but I think it’s easier to remember how a certain person made us feel. 🙂

And the Bellas win!