The God of the Already

The third day of my trip somewhere in Mindanao coincided with my cousin’s wedding. Remember, the wedding is at 2:30 pm, her message went after learning about my travel. It was both a reminder and a warning. But even without her reminder, I know I couldn’t miss this special day of her life as the last time we were together was during her 18th birthday ten years ago. I should be making up to her, I said to myself.

Since my officemate just won’t allow me to miss the travel (it’s her hometown that we’re visiting), I decided to book the first flight from Cagayan de Oro to Manila on October 30. Once I’ve secured the 6:30 am flight for myself, I decided to shrug-off the worries – of flying alone and of waking up too early for the flight. First things first and the first thing was to make sure that our trip in Mindanao with the President [of the company] will turn out smoothly.

The trip was tiring but fun. I was particularly happy of setting foot on Marawi City in Lanao del Sur. I also fell in love with the beauty of Maria Cristina in Illigan City. After all the President’s businesses in the region, October 30 finally came.

I met my driver, Kuya Alex, to accompany me to Laguindingan Airport at 4:00 in the morning. While on the road, we talked about the activities we just did in the city, the Muslim camaraderie and the Maranao food (which was hot and good, by the way). It was a smooth 30 minute drive to the airport.

I then checked-in alone which made me feel so much adult, paid the terminal fee and gave Kuya Alex a tip while saying goodbye. My thoughts while waiting for boarding time are these: how can I ever arrive to the wedding sponsors’ meeting place in Cubao from NAIA (should I take the bus then MRT or a cab?) and how can I possibly not die from flying alone for the first time.

When the boarding time arrived and when I was walking on the plane’s aisle looking for seat 12 C, I saw my seatmate from afar wearing a pink hoodie. When I reached 12 C, the woman in the pink hoodie greeted me. I don’t know if it was the angels singing, ‘aaaaalleluia, alleluia’ or it was just the sunlight beaming at me. The woman was one of our employees in Mindanao and we hang-out once in the past. This already solves two of my concerns earlier. I was given companion for the 1 hour, 15 minute flight and a car from the airport to Cubao (she had a friend to fetch her and bring her to Quezon City). Can anyone just imagine how wide my smile was and how excited and grateful my heart felt? 😉

Fast forward to my cousin’s wedding. While my fellow [secondary] sponsors were [kind of] freaking out that my cousin’s getting hitched because of either wanting to have the same happy ever after but the time hasn’t arrived yet or they are just excited, I was silently praying for the couple. I decided to dedicate all my prayers that day for the marriage of my cousin and her husband. It was their day after all.

As for myself, I know I need not to worry for my own destiny. If God can take care of small things such as a flight companion or a service car without even getting a request from me, I know He can do greater things for me in His time. I believe that everything has been already taken care of by the God of the already. 🙂