To the Women I Love

I noticed that I have friends on Facebook, particularly women friends who berate themselves for many reasons, from not having the perfect curves to not being the person that they deem ideal to be. And since it is still women’s month, I came to write these things for all the women I know, for all the women out there!

To the women I love and to all the women out there, it is my utmost hope and my deepest prayer that you take time to affirm yourself. I know, we can be our greatest critic most of the time. We judge ourselves for not being the woman that is worthy of the magazine front cover. But what are these silly standards set by the magazine cover and the television? These are just lies that we were brought to believe in so that beauty companies gain profit at the expense of our self-esteem.


Please keep in mind that you are beautiful, unique, loved and special. Everyday affirm yourself for trying, embrace yourself for surviving, forgive yourself for the mistakes and nourish yourself because you are deserving of every love. We are all a work in progress, even those front cover girls whose flaws were brushed off with Adobe Photoshop.

The next time you face the mirror, I hope you can see the beauty that unfolds right before you. Start speaking beautiful words, smile a lot and attract positive energy.

To the women I love and to all the women out there, let us all take time to create and grow! We were all made to be co-creators of this earth and so whatever your passion or curiosity or purpose is, keep going. If you were made to paint, create paintings that express your heart in each stroke. If you were made to write, write words that echoes the depth of your soul. If you were made to sing, serenade the world with your tune. Do whatever keeps you alive.

Now you might say, my art has already been done or I am not the greatest yet. I will tell you this which I also tell myself all the time: no one on this planet has been born great with what they do! Likewise, all the things may have been done too, but they have not yet been done by your hands. So c’mon, start that craft or hobby that you have been wanting to do! Now na!

Growing is also a choice we have to make every day. Remember when I mentioned earlier that we are all a work in progress? Well, it takes two to tango. The Maker can only finish a work in each of us if we give our permission and full cooperation. Let us make a progress in every areas of our lives, girls! We can run & be fit, eat healthier foods, read more books, learn investing, and mingle with different people for learning and expanding our networks.

I would like to emphasize that last example I wrote which refers to the social area. You know, I’m a confessed introvert. I love being alone and I sometimes dislike being with lots of people. I love a quiet ambiance and I dislike noise. However, growing up, I realized that I needed balance in my life. I need friends who like big crowds for me to learn to be comfortable outside my comfort zone. And that place outside my comfort zone? It’s just the best place for me to grow! And I am loving every bit of my learning! 🙂

To the women I love and to all the women out there, acknowledge the abundance of love in your heart! If you only knew, we all have plenty of love in us; love not only for ourselves but for the entire world. If we open our heart, there we can find the love that we need and so we need not find love in things that are fleeting. I am not saying not to seek love from our families and friends. I am saying that you are already complete. 🙂 Once you see this abundance of love, you can overflow love to other people.


I think every day is a woman’s day – for a child who needs hugs, to a husband who needs to be cared for, for the society that needs compassion, for the families that need inspiration.

Celebrate your womanhood, girl! 🙂

Love and prayers,



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