Show Up!

I am writing this in my mind with a stabbing pain in the right side of my back, seating like a princess inside UP’s Balay Kalinaw and admiring the veranda in front of me and the wonderful view, not to mention the fresh air, that comes with it.


The pain in my back was probably from the long journey I endured last night from the office to our house. It was a Friday yesterday and so getting home was grueling. When I say grueling, it means more than an hour of standing in a queue and bearing the heavy traffic of Edsa. I remembered sending an SMS to my sister saying that I would probably wait for the fourth bus to get seated. It turned out I was keeping my hopes too high because I got a seat on the sixth bus! But this is not the message I want to leave today.

This morning, I took a cab to get on time in a workshop in Balay Kalinaw International in UP Diliman. For someone who takes the public commute and endures heavy traffic every day (I know, I should know how to drive by now), I realized that taking a cab is like heaven! haha! I felt rich today because I splurged on that smooth ride. Also, I felt good to have been kind to myself. Though being kind to one’s self can be a good blog topic, this is not the message I want to leave today.

What I want to leave for you today is what happened in between of these two circumstances I mentioned above. It happened this morning when my alarm hit off at the top of its, well, at the top of its maximum ringing tone.

With my exhaustion since my trip to Masbate the other day, I asked myself if I would get up and prepare for the workshop which by the way concerns my biggest dream OR sleep for more minutes and arrive on the workshop a bit late.

In the past when I face similar situations, I would usually bring up a lot of reasons, from ‘I would be late anyway so why not have a few more minutes on bed’ to ‘I deserve a rest.’

Today, I decided to rise up from bed and show up in the workshop.

I arrived in Balay 15 minutes before 9 am! Would you believe I was not late? 🙂

I realized that most of the time in my life, all I need to do is show up and just do my part. I then found myself talking to itself again.

“You want to write a novel but you feel afraid if you will ever get published? Show up, do your part of the job.

You want to pursue your dream but you don’t know if it’s meant for you or if it will really happen? Show up, do your part of the job.

Just show up for your job day after day after day after day and someday, your stubbornness will surely amount into something wonderful.”

Have you always wanted to dance or paint or create a design or learn an instrument or produce a masterpiece or grow a plant but you don’t know if it will work? Show up and do your part of the job! 🙂

Praying for you and your dreams,