Is it Too Late for a New Year Post?

I gave 2018 a welcoming embrace through a glass mug of wine and a list of what I intend to do this year. Unlike last year’s long list, I chose to have a few items this year – manage my finances well, study the Scripture more, reduce waste and move in to a dormitory near the office. The first goal is for financial freedom, the second one is to be able to hear God’s voice more often, the third goal is to contribute in the preservation of the environment and the last goal will allow me to have more time for my writing, reading and wandering.

Would you believe that I hit the last goal first? With eyes closed, I packed my bags and moved into a dormitory house in Quezon City last week. My new space is just a bus ride away from the office and 30 minute-walk from the chain of malls in Cubao. Well, the 30 minutes estimated time depends if I get distracted by a bookstore or paper store.

Consequently, this goal will push me to hit other back-of-the-mind goals like improving my cooking and doing the laundry. Hahaha! Win-win, I’d say.

The third goal is always a struggle because everything we purchase today is automatically wrapped in plastics! *scream* However, this must be taken one step at a time, or two steps as for me. Step 1 is avoiding the use of straws and Step 2 is bringing of containers whenever I buy takeaway meals. Hahaha! It looks funny but I am proud to do these small things. Hopefully, I can grow more on this goal in other aspects. For the remaining two goals, I badly need help. And I am already onto it. Wish me the best.


On top of all these, I decided to have a single word as a theme for this year, especially since my 2017 word had been helpful. My 2017 word was HUSTLE and it made me accept and finish a lot of side-hustles. I also hustled in my travels, both personal and official, that I drop dead by December. (Yeah, the reason I wasn’t able to write for a long time, also the reason why I chilled my way through 2018.) You see, the word is not necessarily a goal but an inspiration to be open and accepting to things that are related to the word.

My 2018 word is SPARKLE, no matter how corny it sounds.

My initial thought is about sparking more creativity in my life because creativity is said to be the most-sought after skill in this fast and rapidly changing world. But then I realized, sparkle is also a good word for my adulting. (Adulting, a noun turned verb which means engaging in activities associated with adulthood, behaving like a responsible adult.)

The word can push me to sparkle in my career, maybe I can finally enroll in further studies this year; it can move me to sparkle in my relationships (there is nothing to elaborate); and it can inspire me to sparkle as a Christian, as in loving my enemies better and influencing others to do the same.


Let’s all have a sparkling year ahead! 😉