In the Silence


I have embarked on a week-full of silence last week – no phone (and social media) for the whole day except for reading devotion via YouVersion app (c’mon lets be classmates, install here) in the morning and setting the alarm in the evening. I also engaged in small talks instead of the usual long chat with colleagues at work. It was nothing drastic, I still talked but was very mindful of what to say to avoid nonsense. If I could wear a badge that says ‘I’m in silence’ so I can really rest my throat and practice total silence I would. I’d love to try that next time.

Two reasons why I chose doing this for five days:

  1. I have accumulated enemies in the past three months because of something I said and how I smile. I know we can never be without enemies as there would always be people whom we cannot please. However, these people who chose to burn bridges with me made me realize the importance of pause and ponder.


  1. I felt that I have abused and misused my words. I knew this when my words failed to capture the contents of my heart. I could not seem to build anything on them. I was also ashamed to speak words before the Lord at night, I might just blabber nonsense. Instead of praying with words, I prayed with heartbeats trusting the He will bring out something beautiful out of it – a melody, a canvass of the sky in hues or a sweet fragrance.

I filled the days with my breath prayer, you know, the quick as breath prayer we utter to God which encompasses our feelings and thoughts.


My practice of silence was not perfect. There was a day when I got sick and was moved to call my mom or my sister just to get a tinge of warmth from home. There were times as well that I spoke and laughed a lot.

Nonetheless, in my imperfectness, God’s grace was everywhere to meet me. I listened intently and I would like to believe I heard Him.

With my notebook and pen I wrote them down to always remember. And for the next three days, I would share them here.

I hope that you could also find time to listen to God in the silence of your heart. In the middle of a busy day or a ‘hell’ week, in the midst of life’s blows, be still and listen, draw close to Him and He will come close to you (James 4:8).  💛