Welcome to my blog! :P

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Hello everyone! I’m Neri, Niña to some, Mildred to a very few (this is my top secret btw, but if I were you I wouldn’t use this without knowing where it came from. Hihi. Anyway, some of my friends are fond of calling me with other names like Ester from the movie Orphan and other more names they got from movies we watched or events we’ve been to). Call me Neri, maybe?

Welcome to my blog! 😊  As you can see, I am a talker right there 👆 ­ haha!

This blog is where you can find my deepest thoughts, views and my attempt in tossing something significant to the world. Please feel free to comment on my posts, to crack a joke when you think I am so damn serious. (I can be too serious at times most of the time!)

I work as a writer in a government corporation which makes me feel lucky at times because I get to do what I love at work. But sometimes, I just want to be something else to reserve my writing for myself or for where I really want to devote it. 🙂

My interests include reading and writing, of course (favorite authors/writers include Elizabeth Gilbert, Khaled Hosseini, Jodi Picoult & Paulo Coelho); traveling (seeing new places/structures/streets/cloud formations), listening to stories of people, getting lost in my own mind, watching films and crafting (DIYing).

If you ever see me in person, remind me to get more on life and start learning more new things! Haha! I would love to engage in sports or any physical activity, climb mountains, learn to finally swim (I’ve been in two swimming lessons, I did not finish both), maintain my balance in a bicycle, blow more birthday cakes, fly in the sky (though I can only do this once, I guess) and more! ☺

For comments/messages/sweet nothings, you can reach me through nerisatorres@gmail.com


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